Victor Font explains how Barcelona could have retained Lionel Messi


Barcelona’s strategy under Joan Laporta has revolved heavily around various sponsorship deals. The club made headlines earlier in the year when they signed an agreement with Spotify, who are set to become the shirt sponsor for next season.

The prestigious Camp Nou will also be renamed the “Spotify Camp Nou”, a move that has sparked widespread criticism in the Barcelona camp.

Victor Font, who ran for Barcelona’s presidential election and finished shortly after Laporta, recently spoke with La Vanguardia, giving his thoughts on Barcelona’s current market strategy.

While the 49-year-old continued with Barcelona’s policies, the highlight of the interview saw him answer a question from Lionel Messi and whether he had signed a CVC contract to hold Argentina international last summer.

“Our plan to save Messi was different,” replied Font, who sought to “reduce the weight of wages and losses in the first year and lift a lifetime contract” for the Argentine international.

Font emphasized the importance of loyalty and wanted Messi to enter into a sponsorship agreement that would see him drafted into the club’s permanent assets, and give him lasting, financial and cultural value.

He cited Michael Jordan and Nike as a good example, saying: “One day I learned that the Jike model at $ 5 billion was more than $ 5 billion this year. Jordan will pay $ 150 million in one year, more than anyone in the NBA and more than when he played.

“We have moved beyond normal repairs. Messi would certainly like you because you have strengthened his relationship with Barça. Today it is urgent to renew that link, ”he added.

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