Barcelona no longer considering the sale of BLM this summer


Barcelona are set for a busy few weeks ahead as the club look to activate the economic levers to generate the desired funds that will go a long way in helping them balance the books ahead of the new season.

Barça recently reached an agreement with Sixth Street regarding the sale of 10% of the group’s TV rights. The club wants to finalize the remaining 15% sale agreement before the pre-season trip to the US.

In addition to TV rights, the Barcelona conference voted to authorize 49.9% BLM sales, which were predicted to generate about 270 million euros.

However, according to Mundo Deportivo, the club is considering a retreat in their plans to sell part of the club’s sales and licensing unit, which is considered one of Barcelona’s main assets.

Barça seems to have little idea of ​​the sale as it believes that giving 49.9% of the rights could lead to business partners gaining greater decision-making power. They may hire one of their men from the branch, which is unpopular at the moment.

With that in mind, Barcelona does not at all want to authorize the sale of BLM, because it knows that it is one of the group’s main assets, in terms of cash production. If they are selling BLM, the club wants to auction only a quarter of the rights.

While selling 25% of the BLM may not produce so much wealth, Barcelona will be able to reserve decision-making rights with one of the club’s richest assets. It could be a rewarding step in the long run, as Barça looks to make new innovations under the leadership of Xavi and Joan Laporta.

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