The details which helped Johan Cruyff build Barcelonas dream team


After their recent success in La Liga and the Champions League, Carlo Ancelotti was in pain to highlight the great role played by the team spirit in their victory. Probably a bit of a game-changer.

On Friday, the 30th anniversary of the first victory of the Barcelona Champions League was marked, a trophy won under their guiding voice Johan Cruyff.

The late Dutchman was also determined to ensure that his team at the time was tightly bound, as Sport explained. Different players talked about the small details Cruyff took to build those bonds.

Usually, Cruyff and his wife Danny Coster invited the players and their teammates to dinner, with Johan taking the lead. That built normal relationships off the field, even though during training he was not afraid to be tough on his players.

Additionally, whenever a player became a dad, Danny and Johan would give them a gift the next day. Although these actions are small pieces of honor, considering the number of those who remained friends behind it, it clearly did not hurt.

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