What’s Lionel Messi’s next destination? PSG, Barcelona or MLS?


Lionel Messi has not yet finished his first season at Paris Saint-Germain, but rumors are already circulating about what his next move will be. He has signed a two-year contract with the Parisians and is expected to not only finish the current season but maybe next season. But after that, who knows?

This week we saw the first glimpses of what might happen to this Argentine star. There seem to be three options: a return to FC Barcelona, ​​another year at PSG, or a move to MLS.

It started with a Spanish journalist who said that Barcelona hoped to charge Messi in 2025, the club’s 125th year and the first for the new stadium.

Next came the report from an exhibition in Barcelona stating that Messi had decided to return to Barcelona in 2022, but that was not possible in 2023. Although the journalist insists he did not say it would happen, the report said he may return to Barcelona one year before heading to the MLS.

And it ended with the last Tweet of another Spanish journalist, who wrote that Messi himself did not know what he would do after two years at PSG. However, it is understandable that going to MLS or staying one year at PSG is a more viable option than returning to Camp Nou.

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